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Our home office is located just off I-30 in a little town called Social Hill.  Be sure to check our website for fiber optics and copper training locations.  We would be more than happy to conduct our training sessions at your location(s).  Just give us a call and we can discuss your needs and your schedule.

3002 Midway Road Donaldson, AR 71941 +1 (501) 494-9161

Frequently asked questions

Is it possible for you to please send me a fiber optic color code bundle pocket size?

When a company is awarded a 'government grant' to install fiber in a given area, does the 'grant' money also include the splicing, testing, etc; is it dark or lit? How about providing the transmission of actual broadband services to a home or business?

What is different between 1310 nm and 1550nm

What are the causes of high loss in FTTH

Have you done any reviews on OSP fiber route-structure mapping systems and the associated GIS, or do you have opinions on the best ones/combinations (Esri, 3GIS, Bentley, Graphical Networks, Vetro, etc.)? Or can you point me somewhere to go read, search doesn't come up with a lot of details.

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